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If you need help, please see a quick tutorial at the bottom of this webpage.

* Please zoom out on the map to see more locations or type in an address under the Search Location field.

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Quick Tutorial

Finding a Zalat Pizza

The map above allows you to see all our current Zalat locations.  To find the one you are looking for, please do one of the following:

1.  Enter an address in the Search Location Field (optional)

This will take you to the nearest locations, and show others that may be close by.

2.  Scroll through the list of Zalat locations under the For my Address section

The list of Zalat locations under the For my Address section is based what is currently visible on the map.  If you tap or select on a location, it will take you directly to the address on the map!

3.  Zoom in and out of the map to find your nearest Zalat location

Our map has buttons to zoom in and out, and also allows you to move around.  Pinch and Zoom is supported if you are using a touch screen.

Ordering from Zalat

To order, please select one of the ordering buttons for the Zalat location under the For my Address section. Currently, there are three buttons:

  • Zalat (For pickup only)
  • Uber Eats
  • DoorDash

Please order directly from us at Zalat for the cheapest prices and to support local businesses in the area.

Thank you!