Our Story

First, we want to thank you for all the love. The enthusiasm that our customers have for our pizzas is so unbelievable, we can’t even! Like the time a Yelper said, “Best thing I’ve had in my mouth since prom.” That kind of pizza love completes us. You see, to a person, Zealots are the epitome of pizza passion. We are on a mission from the Gods to make THE best pizza. We have been informed they have recently recalculated the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, and the answer is no longer 42, it’s Zalat Pizza. We make our own dough. We even roast Roma tomatoes and add FRESH basil to make our pizza sauce. We use the tastiest pizza cheese that we can get our hands on. We pay more for cheese every month than we do in rent! We use beef pepperoni because it’s the best. We taste test our pizzas hot, room temp, cold from the fridge and reheated two days later. And, we always cook out pizzas in old school deck ovens because conveyer belt ovens just cannot duplicate the perfect balance between crispy and chewy for out dough; not to mention those awesome little char bubbles.

As you can see we leave it all on the pizza field. The perfect pie is our Mona Lisa, our raison d’etre, our Sistine Chapel our Angela Jolie. This is why a Zealot personally signs each and every pizza we sell! So, if our delivery times are longer than chains’, or our prices are slightly higher or our marketing efforts are a bit elementary and strange, please know that we have gone all out on our pizza…after all, that’s all that really matters right? Flavor is where it’s at and we intend to deliver…