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Pho Pizza: A Uniquely Zalat Pizza

At Zalat, we are always striving to come up with unique new ideas to make dining with us a fun and unique experience. One of our most popular creations is the Pho Shizzle: a tasty mix of Vietnamese and Italian cooking that combines the spicy, rich flavors of pho with everyone’s favorite: pizza. Do we have your attention now? Read on to find out more about this Asian fusion delight!

What is Pho Pizza?

Making the perfect Pho Shizzle Pizza took a lot of experimentation to get the flavors just right. The sauce is super important—it’s made to remind you of the savory and mildly sweet flavors of pho broth. Then, we picked toppings that perfectly match those flavors. We’re all about getting every detail perfect, so every slice of the Pho Shizzle gives you a taste of something very special and uniquely Zalat.

Pho Pizza is more than just your normal pizza; it’s a whole new adventure. Picture this: Zalat’s traditional dough with our homemade marinara sauce on top that mimics the savory notes of pho broth. A spicy kick from Sriracha and a great umami flavor from Hoisin sauce bring together all those Vietnamese tastes you love.

Next, we add premium chicken, red bell peppers, caramelized onions, and fresh herbs like basil and cilantro. Every bite takes your taste buds on a trip from the lively streets of Hanoi to a cozy Italian pizza shop. Mixing the heartwarming flavors of pho with the classic pizza format, we’ve made a dish that’s as exciting as it is satisfying.

The Birth of Pho Pizza at Zalat

Creating Pho Pizza started with our love for trying new things and paying homage to the delicious traditions from around the globe. Our founder, who hails from Dalat, Vietnam, adores the deep, rich flavors of traditional Vietnamese pho. He got curious about how these flavors would taste on a pizza. What came out was a pizza that not only stands out on our menu but also makes a splash in the world of food mash-ups.

Embrace the Fusion

Here at Zalat, we encourage you to explore different flavors and dishes that break the usual mold. The Pho Shizzle Pizza is just one cool way we mix different food traditions to create something really fun and delicious.

Trying our pho pizza is not just about eating something different; it’s about experiencing something that brings together different cultures in a fun way. The fresh basil and cilantro, the spicy Sriracha, and the smooth Hoisin sauce create a dish that’s both comfortable and thrilling. It shows how awesome things can happen when you mix different tastes and ideas.

Discover More at Zalat

Beyond the Pho Shizzle Pizza, Zalat offers a variety of different pizzas inspired by various cuisines and methods. Check out our full menu and find other unique pizzas that might become your new favorites. Whether you love traditional flavors or like to experiment with new ones, there’s always something for you at Zalat.

You can find the Pho Shizzle pizza at any Zalat location – find one near you to discover where you can come and try our innovative and delicious pizzas.